Hermes scarf to distinguish the authenticity of the rules

Hermes scarf to distinguish the authenticity of the rules is actually very simple.

Hermes scarf to distinguish the authenticity of the trademark text

1) in the silk scarf washing standard only in English and French two languages. If the wash label appears SETA, REINE or SEIDE that is false.

FABRIQUE EN FRANCE 100% SOIE, MADE IN FRANCE 100% SILK, DRY CLEAN ONLY. In the ancient silk scarf may only: 100% SOIE words.

2) Wash the mark should always be in the corner of the scarf. Not in the front, or the middle of the line. The recent style of washing the three corners of the standard will be sewn on the edge of the scarf. In the ancient section of the washing standard can only seam two corners. If the wash scarf in the middle of the scarf or front or not on the corner can be determined to be false.

3) genuine scarf wash on the text should be white on black. 2002 years after the black white or gold. Single no other colors.

4) genuine scarf washing has never been marked on the HERMES, PARIS or Hermes horse logo and other words.

Hermes scarf to distinguish the authenticity of the picture comparison

Authentic books

Scarf scarf is always the same scarf with the background color of the same thread sewn on the scarf. Because Hermes with silk volume is very enough.

First Hermes silk is woven with 7 cocoons into a silk, 7 silk and then woven into a line, woven with twill weave cloth. Twill weave will scarf stiffness, the use of the effect will be more three-dimensional and noble.

China’s domestic scarves are mostly thin and transparent, so the first time I saw some Hermes scarf will not understand why so thick.

Second, the Hermes scarf is a color dye every time, you can look at your scarf has several colors, you know know how to dye a few times

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