The fake hermes belt birdie frame thickness Different

Please note that the arrows in the figure below refer to the lettering of the year marked with HERMES. The genuine lettering border is square. On the genuine map, the symbols and numbers in the circle mark the texture and color of the leather. HERMES MADE IN FRANEC the words very clear, concave and convex sense.

Has been considered a security tag is actually a small bird-like pattern. Genuine bird carved straight frame, HERMES words clear, even depth. Put another big look is very fine. The fake birdie frame thickness Different, the corner of the border are bent, zoom is a blur, and not all genuine buckle engraved with a bird’s logo.
Why is it so expensive? Hermes bag price may be a lot of friends think your bar, in fact, is the case, the first: cause hermes package expensive because the main reason is that a lot of Hermes materials are very valuable. Such as crocodile skin, ostrich skin, these are very expensive. So hermes

Package price is not cheap. Second: Hermes bag expensive because Hermes bags need to make a long time, like art as precious. And the bag is made by a master out.

If your Hermes bag to repair, or that person to help you repair. Therefore, hermes package is expensive because of these bit by bit reasons. Third: Another point is that Hermes bags are made out of professional cobbler, can become a professional cobbler is not easy, and Hermes bag is hand stitching out, absolutely no machine processing. So hermes package price is precious, is for these reasons. Fourth: There are some Hermes bag is a limited edition, the world is only 10 to months, may. Because of this, those Hermes bags more expensive, valuable!

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